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Thursday, October 1, 2015


F.L.A.I.L is an original feature that is about anything that I’m currently obsessing about that is not book related! (*gasp*) It will feature anything from TV shows, to video games, and even to mini projects that I’m working on.

What It’s About: I’m not sure if the term “action figure” is correct, but basically it’s figures of pretty much every single character ever existed, in some sort of fandom. Even if it’s from an obscure video game or TV show that only you know about, there’s probably a Pop for it.

Why I Love It: HOW CAN YOU NOT is the true question! Sure, it may seem weird the the eyes are huge black holes staring into you, but they are on cute, miniature sized bodies! In other words, it should and is acceptable to collect them all without weirding out your roommates. Plus, it’s, in my opinion, a really affordable way to show you belong to a certain fandom. I often have trouble finding fandom related merchandise, let alone affordable, which is why Pops are the way to go. And don’t forget they’re cute.

My Favorite Character(s): Do you see all the Pops on the graphic? I WANT THEM ALL. Well I can pass on Ariel, maybe. I recently found out that they were making Pops of my favorite TV show ever, Bob’s Burgers, so of course I plan to buy a Louise one the moment it comes out. And of course, there’s Garrus from Mass Effect (video game), and Ezio who doesn’t look like Ezio from Assassin’s Creed 2 (video game).
Do I Recommend It: Now, this may be surprising seeing as I wrote this post, but I actually do not own a Funko Pop yet. This is because (dun dun dun), at first I had no intention on even buying them. But then, more and more bloggers were mentioning them (especially on the #OTSPSecretSister tag), and I just got more curious about these little things. And now, I really just want them all. I do not care if they are useless, or just for decoration. All I know is that it makes me warm and fuzzy inside when I see one of a character I love.

Do you have a Funko Pop? Of which character? Share Below!

Thursday, June 25, 2015


F.L.A.I.L is an original feature that is about anything that I’m currently obsessing about that is not book related! (*gasp*) It will feature anything from TV shows, to video games, and even to mini projects that I’m working on.

What It’s About: Basically it’s revolves around the randomness of this middle aged family who own a burger joint. They always get into these CRAZY situations every episode, but in the end it all works out (or sometimes doesn’t), because FAMILY.

Why I Love It: It’s only the best animated adult show ever. It completely beats South Park, Family Guy, and all those other shows that just make fun of current events (which sometimes isn’t even funny). Also, the characters are unique and not stereotypical. You would think that Tina (the girl on the left) is left completely ignored, when in reality she’s a strong, self-confident female character.  

And then the episodes themselves are hilarious, and the show is just getting better and better with each season. The creativeness in this show is 1000% gold. 

My Favorite Character(s): Definitely Louise. I AM LOUISE. She’s such a little brat and a mischievous little demon, I LOVE HER. Also my favorite episode, The Frond Files, (which I’ve watched at least 3 times), she writes a story about how her school counselor sends in a robot from the future to come destroy her.


Thursday, June 11, 2015


Hey there beautiful people! I know what you’re all thinking! “Ugh Val is going to talk about video games AGAIN”. And guess what, you’re right! Hahah. 

Oh but wait! There’s a banner! What is the meaning of this! Why is Val turning a perfectly good word into an abbreviation? (Because I can that’s why). OK HERE’S THE BIG REVEAL. I’ve decided to start MY OWN, NEW FEATURE. Basically, I’ll be “flailing” about a new interest, video game, show, or anything not related to books. This is just a way of showing you what else I do in life, because I don’t ONLY read books! Hence the little subtitle. Also I’m not sure how original this is, because I haven’t googled it yet. I’m sure I’m in the clear.

Today, I will talking about this video game trilogy that I spent about three years of my life on, only to have the ending of it blow up in my face. Imagine your favorite book trilogy having a horrible, but necessary ending. Yes, this is how I feel right now.


There aren’t any spoilers, but I don’t want to disappoint anything!

Premise: The main character, Commander Shepard, discovers that these giant artificial intelligence ships are going to destroy all organic life as they deem fit. Of course, no one believes her (I choose to play as female), yet she still gains the trust and loyalty of a number of crew members, who all grow to respect her. And of course, no one heeds her warning, so EARTH AND THE REST OF THE GALAXY IS DOOMED.

Why I Love It: It takes place in freaking SPACE. And you get to travel to different planets, shoot aliens and humans alike, and meet AMAZING CHARACTERS with so much depth. I love them all. My favorite, of course, was Garrus. (ShepardxGarrus ftw)

Why It Destroyed My Heart: If anyone has finished the trilogy, they know how I feel. The thing that makes it THE WORSE, is that I spent so much time leveling up my characters, strengthening relations, collecting items around the galaxy, and it was all for nothing. No matter which ending I picked, it was the same (trust me, I checked on Youtube). And of course, I did not have the extended ending cut, so OF COURSE I would be pissed for like only 2 minutes of epilogue.

Do I Still Recommend It: Of course I do. THIS IS MY TRILOGY for crying out loud. I am just in SERIOUS denial that the ending ever happened, and I’m going to pretend everything is okay, and now I think I will just search for fanfic because I AM NOT OKAY.

Thanks for sticking til the end of the post! Don’t worry! Next time I plan to talk about a TV show, so it’s not going to be limited to only video games hahah!

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