Monday, December 18, 2017

Book Slumping Along

I think I have caught the book slump blues from Shannon over here, and I don’t know what to do about it. I mean, my problem isn’t that all the books I’ve been reading suck, it’s just that I am having the problem of getting myself motivated to pick up a book. Even though I really want to read.

So anyways, here are some reasons WHY I cannot just get myself into the mood for reading.

The Setting

I mainly feel like my lack of mood is based on my setting, in that if I’m in a library or a book store, I want to read EVERYTHING. But at home? I’m not comfortable, the lighting doesn’t suit my needs, my butt hurts from sitting in bed for too long, and MY CAT is just EVERYWHERE.

WAYS TO FIX THIS?: Clean up my room, light up some candles, kick my cat out (sorry Prim Prim), play some nice, calming video game music.

Backlist vs. Review Copy

I seem to run into this problem where as the date for my review copies get closer, I suddenly don’t want to read them? Even though I was very excited by them in the beginning? Well that’s what happens when you decide to request things just to see if you’ll be accepted (whoops, post for another day, or never). Running into the problem of wanting to read anything BUT the ARCs I have, yet needing to read said ARCs because they’ll be releasing soon.

WAYS TO FIX THIS?: Read them both, and switch off between the two. Because hey, then I’ll be making some progress while enjoying myself? Maybe?

Video Games

I recently finished a really good game, Firewatch, and I’ve been thinking about it a lot. And I’ve only listened to the soundtrack a bunch of times. And I guess I am stuck, because I finished two video games this month, and I’m in a video game hangover haha.

WAYS TO FIX THIS?: Probably finding a really good book with a really good story to read so that I can get over it.

Brooklyn Nine Nine

I could literally watch this show all day and never get bored. Problem is, I can't stop either? Seriously, it's an amazing show and makes me laugh out loud ALL the time.

WAYS TO FIX THIS?: Just don't start watching it. Not even one episode.

Social Media

I feel like these days all I do is scroll through Twitter, Instagram, EVEN GOODREADS, just constantly scrolling, refreshing, and scrolling again (even though there’s like no new content). All because I’m procrastinating.

WAYS TO FIX THIS?: Leave the laptop and phone alone!


I say this but my semester is over already? So WHY AM I STILL STRESSED & OUT OF IT? I think it’s mainly because I’m still recovering from the end of the semester, because this semester was so rough. And for some reason, I feel like I have to do ALL the things, even though I don’t?

WAYS TO FIX THIS?: Don’t think about work or the future, ever. Nope. Done, done, done.

What gets you out of a book slump? Do you get distracted by all these things too?
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