Monday, November 20, 2017

The Excitement of New Books

Have you ever been in the middle of a book, and just, didn’t feel the motivation to pick it back up. Or maybe you’re skimming through the end, because you can’t wait to start the hundreds of new, shiny books you have on your shelf? WELL THIS IS THE POST FOR YOU. Because I 100% understand, and also, I have these feelings as well. Which is why I’ll be listing 10 reasons why I’m more excited for a new book instead of the one I’m currently reading.

1. Holds so many possibilities as to what it could be
The one I’m currently reading? Well, I already know what it’s about. And 9 times out of 10 the book does not match my expectations based on the synopsis I read. Like there are times where I thought the book would take a certain path with a character or a plot, but it…doesn’t? And that leaves me bummed. BUT WITH A NEW BOOK. Anything can happen.

2. A new shiny
The biggest reason, and that it’s a new book I can start. It’s a new world, new characters, ones I can love. And it all starts from the beginning. To be honest, this is why I never can finish series, but I can easily start new ones.

3. The book you’re currently reading…sucks?
Or more specifically, is just meh. And rather than DNFing, you just skim the end because you’re already so far into it. Putting it down just doesn’t seem worth it, because you spent so much time on this book.

4. New book to add to Goodreads
For anyone participating in the GR challenge, it’s a new book to add to your currently reading shelf. And finishing the old one adds to the books read total. Which leads to the next point…

Getting to a new book means that you’ve finished the other one (or perhaps reading more than one book at a time). Either way, it’s progress towards completing your never-ending TBR.

6. It’s a completely different genre
Sometimes you get so sick of the genre of the book you’re currently reading, that you just want to start something new NOT in that genre. Because it would just be so much more refreshing if you picked up that sci-fi, time travel book instead of continuing that boring, same old same old fantasy chosen one trope.

7. A book you’ve been anticipating since FOREVER
And yeah, maybe the book you’re reading is an ARC, or something you don’t necessarily want to read, but know you kind of have to because you requested it 10 months back. Yet that highly anticipated book is just ON YOUR SHELF, sitting there unread.

8. All those 2018 books
All the books that are going to come out in a year or so have grabbed your attention. More so than the book on your end table, the one you’re supposed to be reading. Distractions happen.

9. The book you’re reading has gotten…old
And the book can be extremely good, but it’s just like…WHY am I still reading this? It feels like it’s been MONTHS (when really, it’s only been a couple of days)

10. You’ve heard SO MANY good things about said new book
And it seems like everyone and their mom has read it, except you. So obviously you have to fix that. And if that means speeding through the current read, then so be it.

Do you get tired of your current reads? How often do you rush through the end in order to start a new book?
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