Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Books For Cat Lovers

Hello there. I am dedicating this post to my cat, Primrose, because she’s such a precious baby. Plus, she wanted to take over my computer (opening tabs are her specialty), probably to talk about how much she loved the book The Great Catsby. Anyways, since cats are so awesome, today I’ll be showcasing nine books that feature cats in them!

So Mr. Kindly may not really be a cat, but any shadow-y figure taking the form of a cat gets a spot in my heart.

I LOVE MOGGET. I mean can I say that enough times? He's kind of the reason why I kept reading the Abhorsen series? Plus he is feature in all the books: Sabriel, Lirael, and Abhorsen.

I actually have never read The Princess Diaries, but have seen it enough time to know that Fat Louie is a cutie.

LYING CAT, WHO KNOWS WHETHER YOU'RE LYING OR NOT. Lying Cat is also one of my favorite parts of this comic. Also if you haven't read Saga, what are you doing with your life?

Shannon told me about this book, since I was asking about cats and such. Apparently the cat's name is Fleayoncé Knowles.

I'm honestly blanking on the name here. Grim? Ah wait it's Grimalkin I think. But I remember reading about this fairy cat, and AGAIN, one of the main reasons why I continued with The Iron Fey series. Had to suffer through the love triangle for THIS CAT. The things I DO.

I was reminded by Shannon that The Hunger Games indeed has a cat in it. This is funny seeing as Primrose's name is from The Hunger Games (I am 99% sure, I think). Funny thing is that I no longer associate Primrose with Katniss' sister. NOPE she is just my lump of a cat!

Cannot forget about Crookshanks! Who I think first appeared in the third book!

Alice in Wonderland
Lastly, there's also the Chesire Cat! I need to get to this book at some point because I have only watched the Disney movie. Yet I know Alice in Wonderland is everywhere in the book community! Plus there's a bunch of book merchandise for it.

Nine books for nine lives!
Can you think of any more that have cats in them?
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