Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Reasons Why I Have Been Seriously Slacking

If you haven’t noticed, I have been really slacking on my blog posts. For the past…year. Just a couple days ago, I was *admiring* my blog as I usually do (haha) and saw that back in 2015, I was posting ~15 to 20 times a month. HOW did I do it? How did this amount change so frequently? Well, let’s all get into a time machine and pinpoint what exactly went wrong this past year.

Just, the US in general, and who’s in charge
I’m going to be honest, this is the number 1 reason why I haven’t been as active as I wanted to be. Being on Twitter wasn’t very good for me as I would just get bombarded with bad news after bad news. And obviously yes, that still happens today, but I’ve gotten better about coping with it.

Number of ARCs
This is also another big one! I am … no longer a fan of ARCs anymore. I don’t care much about them. In 2015 and most of 2016, I was drowning in piles and piles of ARCs. By the end, I was like “enough is enough, I need to start culling”. And so I became very picky. I thought through my requests, didn’t read books that were unsolicited, and now look at me! Four ARCs for the rest of 2017!

The mediocrity of some of these new releases
Now you might be thinking, “Val, aren’t you missing a bunch of great new releases? Shouldn’t they be on your radar?” Well. Nah. I mean they are on my radar thanks to Book Twitter, but too many times have I expected a great story from a book I requested, only to be let down. Which is why I have reduced the number of ARCs I request in the first place. And also why I now wait until I read reviews on the book before buying or borrowing it. Or even adding it to my TBR.

But wait, how can I read reviews when there are…

Fewer book bloggers in the community in general
I don’t know. I recently had to clean out a list of my faves because they were no longer active. And it was sad. I have made the effort to go out and check out new blogs, but I have also become really picky with which blogs I follow. I honestly wish I had more time to comment on every weekly update or every review, but I physically just can’t.

Rise in Bookstagram
This is where everyone migrated to. And I can’t even talk because I’m on Instagram too. I love taking and editing photos though, so it’s not like I am forcing myself. Or aiming to be at the top. In my eyes, I’ve already made it with my blog.

I'm also very happy with my Instagram now though!

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Writing reviews
This is a chore. We can all agree. But at the same time, it is why I started blogging in the first place? The hypocrisy.

To be fair, I have been doing a MUCH better job writing reviews. THE SECRET: I actually talk to my phone through Google Voice. It lets me get all my thoughts out, without any typing. Of course, the end result is something that needs heavy editing.

Where do I even begin with among the red stars. So first of all it was very much reminded me of code name Verity, and that there's a heavy focus on planes and just flying and there's just a lot of technical jargon but not as much as in code name Verity which in the beginning or just packed full of jargon. But again the characters were amazing so basically what's happening is that these two girls that I have don't remember the name of but these two girls are amazing flyers and they just are from Russia and so they want to join they want to join like the war effort and by flying like planes and war planes and one of them wanted to be a fighter pilot and then the other is a navigator and so like basically a whole bunch a girls and they're all bunking together the basically all living together and training to fly.


I got the idea of using Google Voice from my own laziness. I kept thinking of how awesome it would be if my thoughts would just automatically transfer to my blog. This isn’t exactly that, but close enough. And doesn’t involve using my hands or a laptop, so that’s a plus.

Amount of work in grad school
Yesterday I had a quarter life crisis because I have just been so busy at graduate school. BUT I’M FINE. EVERYTHING IS OKAY. But yes, no time for blogging unfortunately. I mean I could probably make time, but then where’s the time to read? That’s the problem I ran into in 2015.

Adult books
I’ve been seeking out more adult books now, because YA has completely burnt me out. Or at least a bit. And so I’ve been visiting the library to take out more books, because I have such a huge backlist. And that means no reviews to write!

Video games
This is the most obvious thing on the list, but I have been playing video games almost every day, and of course it takes up time. BUT I LOVE VIDEO GAMES. Anyways, I play them more than I did during my undergraduate years. Mainly because I now have my own (two!) personal TVs.

No motivation
I have had no motivation to do anything blogging related. Last year, I was creating graphics to go with my posts. Making sure everything matched and looked good on the blog. Now? Not so much.

Also this is the first discussion-ish post I have had in a while? So this is actually a big step for me.
But speaking of big steps, I do want to get back into blogging. Like fully get back into it, and post three times a week like I have done in the past. It’ll be hard, and there might be times where I slip up. But I think that with my enjoyment of reviewing coming back, and with all the books I’ve been reading, I can handle it.

So I guess get ready to see more regular posts from me! Woo!
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