Saturday, October 21, 2017

An Innocent Life #20: Getting My Life Back Together

There’s a reason why there’s wine in this graphic, and that’s because I NEED it. Life has been a bit too hectic recently, but I think everything will go back to normal once I submit things for this grant I’m working on.

Please look at my precious child, who gets better healthcare than I do.

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October has NOT been a great month to be. My wallet got stolen AND my laptop decided that this was the time to die (though to be fair, I should have expected it because it’s been almost six years, but still). So I not only did I have to replace all my credit cards, but then right after I had to replace my laptop. And get all my files back.


Anyways, life moves on. Though I am very excited for October to be over and done with.

Also, I’m currently at Shannon’s, because it’s my Fall break. Not that I am getting much of a break haha.

How has your month been going? I haven't done one of these things in forever.
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