Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday #84

Top Ten Tuesday Hosted by the Broke and the Bookish!

Disaster Valentine's Day Dates Inspired By Book Couples 


I would like to rename the day "Date Your Doggy Day" or I'm sure it's already known as "Singles Awareness Day". I hope you loooooooove my graphic. It represents me on the mountain of gooey heart romantic stuff, a mountain that needs to be CONTAINED. And away from me. Artistic creativity right there, folks.

I hope you enjoy my fun, romantic "dates" inspired by some of my favorite book couples (Excluding Rudy and Liesel from The Book Thief because they have gone through enough). If you are looking for some ACTUAL romantic dates inspired by book couples, look to Shannon's TTT over at It Starts At Midnight!

These Broken Stars - Tarver and Lilac celebrate Valentine's Day on another luxury spaceliner, but it ends up crashing again.

The Lunar Chronicles - Prince Kai takes Cinder out for dinner, but accidentally spills water all over her causing an electrical emergency

Splintered - Jeb. Just Jeb. He is the disaster

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe - Legs the dog eats the entire dinner. And he does deserve it because he is a cutie.

The Iron Fey - Queen Mab (Ash's mom) crashes the date and freezes Meghan because she can, and also all the food.

Everything, Everything - Olly discovers he is allergic to chocolate.

Reawakened - Amon continues to feed Lily cheesy lines like "A desert lily need not turn jealous eyes toward the common violet." throughout the entire Valentine's Day dinner and she finally snaps.

Emmy & Oliver - Oliver accidentally damages Emmy's surfboard in the process of clearing out the backseat of her car for his Valentine's day plans.

A Darker Shade of Magic - Kell and Lila accidentally opens a portal to Black London and they end up having to eat their dinner and have their date there.

Illuminae - ZOMBIE PEOPLE ruin EVERYTHING, including Ezra and Kady's date. No one knows where they came from. The dinner remains untouched, surprisingly.

This was fun! Muhahah. Do you have plans for Valentine's Day? Or are you going to be snuggling with dogs like I am?
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