Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Oh Christmas Tag!

I have been tagged by Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight to do this WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS TAG, and since Christmas Eve is today, I won't be tagging anyone, but still! Christmas! I just want to wish everyone a lovely holiday, and I hope you eat lots of foods and gets lots of presents! 

What is one gift you remember wanting really badly as a kid? Did you get it?

YES I really wanted a Gameboy Advance when I was younger, I think around when I was 11 or 12. AND IT WAS A MIRACLE, but my grandfather bought it for me. My mom hated it though, she often hid it so I couldn't play.

What do you want now? What is your ultimate Christmas wish?

FOLLOWING WITH THAT THEME, yes I do want a PS4. But the chances of my getting it? Nada. It costs a lot of money and my parents hate video games. So I have to save up my own money for that. Though I think it's okay for now, because I only wanted it for Assassin's Creed: Unity, but I have been hearing not-so-good reviews on it.

Best holiday-themed book you’ve read?

A Chicken Soup for the Soul Christmas Treasury by Jack Canfield. DOES ANYONE REMEMBER THESE BOOKS? ANYONE? I had the Christmas edition, I'm going to go hunt for it in the basement now.

Yes I do have a puppy dog blanket

Do you like Christmas movies? Which is your favorite? Or are you all Grinchy like me?

OFF TOPIC but did you know they did not show the Harry Potter movies on ABC Family? Don't they do this every year? Bleh.

When it comes to Christmas movies, my favorite is The Polar Express, followed very closely by Elf.

Do you dress up for the holidays, or go for comfort?

Depends on what dressing up means. I like wearing a sweater and a pair of jeans to the family Christmas dinner, but that is all.

What is the best gift you have ever given someone else? Tell us about it!

I'VE ONLY LIVED FOR 21 YEARS (almost). I spent the last 3 actually coming up with gifts to give people. SADLY they weren't the best, but I'm working on some candle holders right now! They are "supposed" to turn out like this:

But it most likely won't be this perfect. Oh, I also made sugar scrubs by using coconut oil! 

Are there any holiday traditions or customs specific to your region, country, etc? If so, do tell!

Nope, none at all. Just Christmas dinner, staying up until 12AM to open presents, and desserts. Then that's pretty much it haha. 

Book boyfriend that you’d love to see with a bow under the tree?

HAHAHAH what is this question? Silly Shannon.

I'm just going to name three here BECAUSE I CAN: Noah from The Raven Cycle, Kiaran from The Falconer, and Puck from The Iron Fey series.

Did you do anything special so far to celebrate? Maybe made some cookies, decorated, etc? Show us!

I DID SO MANY THINGS THIS YEAR. First off, my housemates and I cut down our own tree and decorated it. We don't put the tree up at my parents house because we always go to Canada for Christmas, so I hadn't decorated a tree since 2008. AND THEN I made sugar cookies and Hershey PB blossoms.

Which book do you really want to find its way to your house for Christmas?

There are a lot of books I want right now. But you know what it would actually be? It would be Le Petit Prince IN FRENCH. But I know I'm not going to get it (I saw that it's on Amazon, but it's a badly translated version, which makes no sense). I can try TBD though.

Yay! So much Christmas spirit! Anyways, I wish everyone a Merry Christmas! I hope you get ALL THE PRESENTS AND BOOKS :)
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