Sunday, March 30, 2014

Weekly Updates!

Hello everyone!

I know I haven't updated as much as I've wanted to or reading as much, but the truth is, I'm stressed with exams, quizzes, and assignments that I really don't want to do. This afternoon I'm going to be cracking down on studying, and actually working on my essay.

Speaking of said essay for my cognition class, my topic is: "Consider how a specific cognitive process is depicted in popular media and entertainment (for example, movies, books, and news articles), comparing at least 2 different examples.  Present a cohesive argument and critical evaluation of the scientific validity and appropriateness of these depictions." On that note, does anyone know any popular books or movies that portray some kind of mental illness (amnesia, OCD, schizophrenia, etc.) that is represented wrongly? It would be a great help! If not, I better start looking.

Also, by the way, my TBR list is getting larger and larger by the day.

But I recently discovered that Amazon actually sells some popular paperback books from $5-6!

And I'm definitely going to buy Cinder, and then another book. OH NOES what book should I buy? I'm planning to buy 3 paperbacks, but I don't know which ones! Which books are worthy enough to be added to my physical book collection?

Little Life Updates

  • My friends and I are planning to rent a house in Rochester, but since we're trying to lease in August, we have to wait until May before we start calling realty offices. Everyone wants renters to lease NOW.
  • On Friday, boyfriend and I went to Skyzone! The only place where there are trampolines everywhere! We dominated in dodgeball. 
  • I've been playing Mass Effect 3. I've also been depressed about all the character deaths. I can't believe they would do this to me.
  • IT SNOWED and now there's 6 inches on the ground. 
I will definitely try to read more and post more reviews. I have absolutely no clue what I'll be reading in April, besides my book club book and Cinder. So that will be fun. Instead of doing my french homework like I'm supposed to be doing, me and my friend are planning a road trip for the summer. 

I am a true procrastinator haha. Thanks for reading about my life!


  1. I left Rochester for spring break and somehow it managed to get even colder upon my return :( I really need spring to start, like seriously. There are a lot of movies on amnesias, but I think they are all done rather well science-wise, like Memento. Maybe you should write about Inception. I think that is a much cooler topic :D

    1. There. is. snow. EVERYWHERE.

      I really like Memento, and that one is very, very well done. I wish I could write about Inception, but we didn't go over dreams at all in our class, I don't know, I'll think about it haha.

  2. New follower to your blog :)

  3. Boo on snow - it is blizzarding right now - SO awful!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

    1. I am so tired of snow. I AM READY FOR SPRING
      It's supposed to be really warm tomorrow :)

  4. Aww, the little kid GIF is sooo adorable!

    Thankfully it hasn't snowed for me but rain is now officially fighting Spring. O_O


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