Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Start of a Reading Blog

I am so excited to get started on blogging! I definitely know I will have absolutely no time since it's getting closer and closer to finals, but you know what, procrastination is the way to go! And anyway the studying is going to get done sooner or later. And plus I'm helping someone with French right now over chat so THAT SHOULD COUNT somehow.

But basically, I am going to try to blog about as many books in general. I mostly read anything, whether it's adult or young adult. I haven't officially read a non-fiction or a memoir but I will read anything that interests me.

And just a heads up, I am not the best writer in town. My dad spoke French and my mom spoke Chinese, so I grew up learning three languages, but not very well. I have a very hard time putting words together and forming sentences that accurately portray what I'm trying to express. BUT THIS BLOG IS GOOD! Because I can finally improve my skills.

Since this is my first post on Blogger, I just want to say that the way this is set up is so convenient and fresh! I'm in love with the fact that creating a post is so EASY. I never imagined blogging would be so fun.

I will try to get my first book review by tomorrow or the next day. But for now I will be going to bed :)


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